Five  Golden Rules of Tea Storage

The perfect cup of tea – golden rules of tea storage

In the simplest form tea storage is something that everyone does on a daily basis and usually in an effective method.  If you’ve been popping your tea into an air tight container and storing in a cool, dark and dry place then you’ll hardly notice a difference in the way tea tastes unless you’ve left it in the cupboard for quite some time.

For tea lovers, tea storage is an important element in making your specialty drinks taste incredible.  Looking a little further, we explore the ways understanding tea storage will always give you a great result and the tastiest beverage time and time again.

Five effective tips on tea storage for a tasty cup of tea

1. Oxygen free
Loose tea leaves will naturally age and oxidise over time when exposed to oxygen thus giving us a less tasty example of our favourite teas.  To prolong the life of loose tea, choosing the ideal storing option to keep as much oxygen out is key to a great cup of tea.  Many people already do this as standard tea storage but the container we store our tea in doesn’t necessarily mean that is actually air free.  Older tins and wooden examples will generally let air in and degrade your tea over time.

2. Heat free
Another tip to keep your tea fresher for longer, is to keep it cool.  The cooler the better.  Some loose leaves such as some green teas are best kept in the freezer but it’s important to not to get condensation on the leaves this way, as this will affect the final outcome.  Storing tea in a warm environment makes way for oxidisation to speed up thus leaving you with a ruined brew.

3. Light free
One of the main elements of tea storage includes storing it in a dark location.  You’ll notice leaving things in the sun makes them appear bleached or natural things like plants crisp up, this is what happens to your tea leaves.  Exposing loose leaves to sunlight or bright light in simple terms degrades the quality of the tea leaving you with a mediocre cup of tea.

4. Odour free
Thinking as tea in plant terms, we all know they absorb the nutrients and odours of their surroundings.  Where you store your tea is important to avoid unnatural and unpleasant smells being absorbed into the leaves.  A natural place to store tea is in the kitchen yet this is one of the worst for pungent odours and unfavourable results in your beverage. 

5. Moisture free
We are all aware that once you submerge your tea in water it releases those rich flavours and creates perfect cup of tea we all know and love.  So keeping loose leaves away from any type of moisture is important in preserving this.  It also isn’t as simple as keeping them away from water, tea leaves absorb the moisture in the air too so keeping them in an airtight container is ideal.

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