Pacific Oolong

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Place of Origin
Kilaleua, Big Island, Hawaii

Month and Year of Picking
October 2015

Tasting Notes
Delicious caramel sweetness and mild, tropical notes of green papaya

Sourcing Notes
This delicious oolong is an enticingly unique find from a region fairly new to the tea growing game. Sugar plantation workers from China and Japan first bought tea seeds to Hawaii over a hundred years ago, but Hawaiian tea has only really been available for public consumption in the last decade or so. Pacific Oolong is made by Mike Riley, a fantastic tea-grower and leading force in developing Hawaii’s reputation for not only wonderful oolongs, but white, green and black teas too. His tea garden is picturesquely situated on the windward slopes of Kilauea, a still active volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island and a location which takes full advantage of abundant, cool Pacific winds.

Though this fantastic tea benefits from Hawaii’s unique terroir, it’s Taiwanese expertise that has guided Mike in the complicated process of producing high quality oolong. The result of this decades long journey is a very sophisticated tea, boasting a dry finish, a caramel sweetness, and some delicious tropical notes. This is an elegant oolong, and if you are new to the flourishing world of Hawaiian tea, it serves as a very pleasant introduction.