Yunnan Needle

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Place of Origin
Guangnan, Yunnan Province, China

Month and Year of Picking
June 2016

Tasting Notes
Rich and distinct honey flavour

Sourcing Notes
Yunnan is best known for its fermented Pu-erhs, but there’s also striking diversity in the province’s population of cultivars and tea varieties. Some of these teas are truly fantastic, and amongst them, Dianhong stands out as a particularly shining example of gourmet black tea. 

Dianhong is distinguished from other Chinese blacks by the quantity of golden tips in the dried tea. These tips brew to a gentle reddish brown, which give the tea its name, meaning ‘Yunnan red’. Our Yunnan Needle is a fascinating variation on a classic; shaped into long needles, it is a darker variety of Dianhong that yields an amber brew of remarkably honey-like dimensions. 

Yunnan’s mysterious landscape, criss-crossed with meandering rivers and strewn with cloud-veiled mountains, is also the legendary birthplace of tea and home to the world’s oldest tea trees. This delicious Dianhong is an excellent introduction to a tea region of intimidating prestige, and its a great example of what a single estate tea from Yunnan can taste like.