Yunnan Maofeng

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Place of Origin
Guangnan, Yunnan Province, China

Month and Year of Picking
May 2016

Tasting Notes
A pleasantly mellow cup with a fine umami finish

Sourcing Notes
This memorable green tea is from Guang Nan County, Yunnan, a place where tea still grows wild on the gentle slopes of verdant green mountains. This is the birthplace of tea, and a region with an ancient interest in tea cultivation. Best known for its dark and earthy fermented Pu-erh teas, Yunnan is also home to a burgeoning variety of white, green and black teas. 

Made from the cultivar normally responsible for Pu-erh tea, this premium, large leaf Maofeng is unrolled, leaving the fat, silvery leaves mostly unbroken. Quite like white tea in appearance, it also makes for a fantastically smooth cup, reminiscent of white tea and with delicate floral notes. 

Grown at an elevation of 1500m, this tea come from wild growing bushes whose leaves and buds are plucked in early spring. It’s a crisp and aromatic tea, which happily demonstrates the mineral rich texture that makes Yunnan teas so special. 

A great introduction to Maofeng green tea, it is also an excellent starting point for an exploration of the many lesser known, but great tasting teas Yunnan has to offer.