Cranberry Leaf

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Place of Origin
Ozurgeti, Georgia

Month and Year of Picking
May 2016

Tasting Notes
A full bodied cup with a long lasting cranberry taste.

Sourcing Notes

This delicious tea is another remarkable innovation from Davit Teneishvili’s tea farm in Western Georgia. Made using the bud and top leaves of the cranberry bush, rather than with that of Camellia Sinensis, it is processed in much the same manner as Davit’s black tea, requiring a little longer time to ferment. The result is a wonderful cranberry tea, consisting of small twists that, aside from being slightly shorter and thinner in size, look very similar to Davit’s Georgian Black. 

While being entirely caffeine free, it’s a tea that still manages to deliver on taste. Most people are happy to drink Georgian cranberry tea for pleasure alone, but it is also believed to have numerous healthy effects, from aiding digestion, to helping regulate blood pressure and sugar levels. Those in pursuit of a good herbal tea risk disappointment, and ‘all appearance and no substance’ is a common complaint. Georgian Cranberry tea is the rare exception: a great tasting cup that packs flavour, while brewing like any other loose leaf tea.

A consistently high quality tea, it is picked by hand, and from beginning to end of the process never touches metal. Instead Davit uses wooden machines, homemade, and following an ancient Indian method that Davit is constantly researching. Cool Black Sea breezes, and perfectly acidic soil are partly responsible for this cranberry tea’s rich flavour, but much of the credit goes to Davit’s enthusiasm for the process, and his experimentation with old technologies in modern times.

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