Himalayan First Flush

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Place of Origin
Kuwapani Tea Plantation, Nepal

Tasting Notes
Fresh, and pungently floral, this tea boasts a characteristic sweet grape aroma.

Sourcing Notes
Kuwapani plantation are responsible for this truly remarkable first flush. The lighter teas that Nepal produces are modelled on those of Darjeeling, found just over the Himalayan mountains to the South. This tea, made using only the first leaves picked during Spring, is a particularly delicate and exquisite example.

On a clear day in the valley where Kuwapani tea is grown, you can catch sight of Malaku, the fifth highest peak in the world. The plantation sits at 6,000 feet, a high altitude that promotes a more measured growth rate and helps develop this tea’s complex character. At Kuwapani, Cool breezes from the Himalayas, along with abundant sunshine and vigorous monsoon rains provide a climate perfectly suited to the production of this high quality tea.

Plucked and packed on site, the end result is a tea full of fat, downy buds, and large, gently rolled leaves. These hand processed and lightly oxidised leaves yield a delicate brew with a fruity, elegant flavour.

This tea is a fantastic find for those in need of a light Darjeeling style tea with a subtle difference and an abundance of elegant charm.