Coconut Green

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Place of Origin
Mauna Kea, Big Island, Hawaii

Month and Year of Picking
August 2016

Green tea, coconut pieces

Sourcing Notes
This wonderful blend brings together toasted coconut and green tea in a masterful balance of two very complex, yet delicate flavours. The tropical green tea in the mix is grown on the Big Island of Hawaii. The excellent tea garden in question is couched in the shadow of the enormous dormant volcano from which it takes its name, Mauna Kea.

After travelling the world, and throwing themselves into the study of tea production and culture, Taka and Kimberly Ino founded Mauna Kea Tea, now a certified organic, natural, and sustainable farm with a track record in producing delicious teas. The couples’ shared background in agriculture, environmental education and forest ecology, has nurtured in them a deep respect for the natural world, and a mentality which holds that tea is ‘a mirror which reflects the attention and practices of the farmer’. Taka argues that this approach is not only better for the environment, but, as importantly, for the quality of the finished product.

This certainly holds true for Mauna Kea’s green tea. A smooth tasting brew, it’s fantastic on its own, but the addition of coconut to the blend really lends it a whole new dimension of toasty depth and an abundance of delicious umami notes.