Jin Xuan

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Place of Origin
Aowanda, Nantou County, Taiwan

Month and Year of Picking
March 2016

Tasting Notes
A delicate and very light green tea that is gloriously creamy in the cup

Sourcing Notes
This wonderful tea belongs to a flavourful Taiwanese variety renowned for its distinctively milky flavour. Otherwise known as 'milk oolong', the Jin Xuan cultivar is a tasty, yet relatively recent development; following in the Taiwanese tradition of innovation in tea cultivars, it was developed in the 1980s and soon became one of Taiwan's major exports. 

It's an elegant and delicately floral tea, produced using an oolong process, but so lightly oxidised that it is fairer to call it a green tea. Jin Xuan's famous milkiness is a subtle flavour that is sometimes referred to as a 'ghost flavour', an elusive taste that is perceived on only every sip. Many milk oolongs on the market are in fact flavoured teas that have had actual diary products involved in the process. Unadulterated Jin Xuans can either present milky notes or not, depending on the abundance or lack of lactones in the tea. It's remarkable how much variance is possible in the tea made from the same cultivar, and our Jin Xuan Green, grown in the mountainous tea county of Nantou, boasts the subtle milk and floral notes of a high quality Jin Xuan tea.

A welcome introduction to the slightly bewildering, but decidedly delicious world of Taiwanese oolongs.