Korean Green Daejak

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Place of Origin
Hwagae, Hadong-gun, South Korea

Month and Year of Picking
June 2017

Tasting Notes
Sweet peas on a bed of fresh asparagus

Sourcing Notes
Daejak is the final flush Korean tea picked in late May to early June. The picking of Daejak marks the end of Korean tea harvesting in Jiri mountains by the artisan producers (large scale farms continue to produce through summer and autumn). Of the four flushes of Korean tea available, this one will yield the richest and most flavoursome brews.

Our tea was entirely handmade, ie picked by hand and hand-handled throughout the production process. It comes from the wild growing tea plants on the slopes of picturesque Jiri Mountains. Roasted by Yun Seok Cho, a third generation tea master from Jukro Tea Company.

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Serving size
50g pouch

Brewing instructions
Korean method: use 3g in a 200ml gaiwan/ teapot. First steeping 90C for 1 minute. Re-infuse up to 4 times adding 30 seconds to each steeping.