Krasnodar Gold

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Place of Origin
Khosta Tea Plantation, Sochi, Russia

Month and Year of Picking
May 2016

Tasting Notes
A fruity and well-rounded tea that boasts delicious notes of plum and sweet grape.

Sourcing Notes
As well as our Krasnodar Green, Khosta tea farm also make this delicious yellow tea. They are the only plantation still to do so in Russia, despite the relevant technology being originally developed in the USSR. Rarer than green teas, yellow teas in China are prized for their mellow flavor.

Krasnodar Gold is no different, smooth and aromatic, you won’t find the unpleasant grassy or vegetal notes that are easily detectable in some green teas. It is said that while there are 70 steps in the production of Chinese yellow tea, there are 71 on the Khosta farm. The 71st step remains a secret, but whatever they do, it seems to work.

The farm itself lies on the cool slopes of the Caucasus mountains, and while a sub-tropical climate makes it an idea location to grow tea, the winters can get cold, and the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics is just a short while away. Luckily for this amazing yellow tea, it is made from the refined, but hardy Kholkhida tea cultivar, a tea breed which was brought to Russia by Judas Koshman at the turn of the century.

Yellow teas in general are known for their rarefied taste, and Krasnodar Gold is a strong proof of this claim.