Rosebay Willowherb

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Other names
Fireweed tea, Koporye tea, Ivan's Tea

Place of Origin
Galtene, Latvia

Month and Year of Picking
July 2016

Blogger testimonials
"For once, tea listed as a sedative actually worked"

Sourcing Notes
Being caffeine free, and mildly sedative Rosebay Willowherb tea is often brewed in place of regular tea closer to bedtime. Besides its relaxing effect, it is also well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and as an aid to digestion. Rich in vitamins C and A, it is drunk as a general tonic for the whole system, but particularly so at night and after meals. 

But while acknowledging Rosebay's long history as a tonic, and recognizing its medicinal properties, we more firmly believe that it deserves to be drunk on the fine merit of its flavour, as a pleasant variation on regular loose-leaf tea. Our 'Ivan's tea' of choice was aged over the summer months of 2016, and exhibits a deep, rich flavour not dissimilar to fruity, red wine.