Silver Needle

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Place of Origin
Fuding, Zhejiang Province, China

Month and Year of Picking
April 2016

Tasting Notes
A delicate, sweet brew, demonstrating gorgeous notes for honeydew melon.

Sourcing Notes
To make this elegant white tea, only the needle like shoots of unopened Springtime buds are used. These silvery, downy buds perfectly lend themselves to the delicate flavours of white tea, which is minimally processed and deliciously light. Unlike green tea, which must be plucked as early in the morning as possible, silver needle tea is plucked when the sun is high enough in the sky to dry the morning dew from the delicate buds. 

White tea is only very lightly oxidised, and these fresh plucks are simply laid in shallow baskets to wilt a little under the sun, before being piled and baked dry at a low temperature. This minimal processing not only makes for a fantastically fresh tasting tea, but means that white tea in general contains a level of healthy antioxidants higher than even that of green tea. 

The Chinese province of Fujian is the traditional home of white tea, but within Fujian there are two major styles of Silver Needle tea. Our tea is made in Fuding, according to the local method of piling the tea for a shorter period of time, producing a less oxidised, and more delicate tea.