Tie Guan Yin

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Place of Origin
Anxi, Fujian Province, China

Month and Year of Picking
May 2017

Tasting Notes
A classic Tie Guan Yin experience of lasting orchid sweetness. 

Sourcing Notes
Undoubtedly China's most celebrated oolong, Tie Guan Yin is a beautifully balanced tea that is easily recognised by its subtle sweetness and floral aroma.

Several centuries ago, in Anxi County, Fujian, a poor farmer passed by a decrepit temple containing an iron statue of the Goddess of Mercy. Lamenting the statue's state of disrepair the farmer did his best to tidy the place up. Later, the Goddess herself appeared to the farmer in a dream, revealing the location of a particularly tasty tea plant.

As it still does to this day, the tea sold well, and with the proceeds the farmer repaired the temple, hence the name “Tie Guan Yin”, which means “Iron Buddha”, or “Iron Goddess of Mercy”. Legends aside, Tie Guan Yin does make a particularly divine oolong tea. Jade green and rich with an orchid scent, the leaves brew to an amber liquor that is deliciously sweet and fragrant.

Tie Guan Yin is not only the name of the tea, but also the tea plant cultivar that makes it. We also stock a heavier roast of the Tie Guan Yin plant, aptly named Red Guan Yin.

Serving size
50g pouch

Brewing instructions
Western method: Use 2g per 200ml in 95°C water. Brew for 2 minutes. Re-infuse to taste.
Gong fu method: Use 5g per 100ml in 95°C water. Brew for 10 seconds. Add 5 seconds to each subsequent infusion.