White Peony

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Place of Origin
Fuding, Zhejiang Province, China

Month and Year of Picking
March 2016

Tasting Notes
A delightfully creamy tea with delicious notes of sweet melon

Sourcing Notes
The two most highly prized white teas in China are Silver Needle, along with this tea, White Peony. So named because of the just-brewed leaves’ resemblance to the blooming of early Spring flowers, White Peony is stronger in flavour than Silver Needle. Still an exceedingly delicate tea, it is satisfyingly full bodied and brews to a pale golden liquor that is light and floral in the cup.

A consistently mild climate and abundant rainfall make the red soils of hilly Fuding one of China’s most celebrated tea growing regions. As with our Silver Needle, the local cultivar, Fuding Du Bai, is used to produce this remarkable tea. The silvery buds are plucked by hand, along with two tender leaves, and are lightly oxidized before drying. This minimal processing characterizes white tea, and is responsible for the variety’s widely renowned health properties.

With its succulent floral flavour, a cup of White Peony proves that delicate teas can still carry a little potency without losing their refreshing lightness.