Yabe Hojicha

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Place of Origin
Yabe Village, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Month and Year of Picking
May 2017

Tasting Notes
A mellow, subtly sweet tea with a comforting aroma reminiscent of pine nuts and fresh harvested straw

Sourcing Notes
Hojicha is a very distinctive Japanese tea, fired rather than steamed, imparting a slightly toasty-caramel like flavour to the tea. Although Hojicha is typically made with lower quality “bancha” green tea, our farmers' Hojicha is made with the same high quality leaves that go into its Sencha. These leaves are roasted together with tea twigs, to create the characteristic nutty aroma of Hojicha. 

Roasting also means that Hojicha is lower in caffeine than other teas. Consequently, it's a bedtime favourite, and it is often sold as a wholesome beverage for children and the elderly. Having said that, Hojicha is drunk at all times of day in Japan and is also commonly used to wash down food at mealtimes. 

A must try for those unfamiliar with Hojicha, or for those simply seeking a comforting, mellow cup of something to drink with dinner.

Serving size
This tea is sold in 50g pouches.

Brewing instructions
Western method: Use 2g per 200ml in 65-70°C water. Brew for 1-2 minutes. Re-infuse to taste.