Yabe Black

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Place of Origin
Yabe Village, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Month and Year of Picking
May 2017

Tasting Notes
Stone fruit aroma with subtle suggestions of sweet melon and raisin.

Sourcing Notes
Our Japanese Black is grown amidst the evergreen mountains of Yabe village, on Chinyonoen tea farm, which also produces our more traditional Japanese varieties of Sencha and Hojicha teas. 600 metres above sea level in Fukuoka prefecture, Chinyonoen is cool year round and spends winter under snow cover, meaning the tea plants bud later in the year and are grown without the need for pesticides.

But aside from being grown with skill and patience, our Japanese Black is also delicious. A well balanced tea with a non-astringent mouthfeel, the character is of fragrant stone-fruit, followed by subtle suggestions of sweet melon and raisin. Japanese Black tea is a fairly niche offering even in its native Japan, making it a perfect proposition for Japanese tea fans looking to expand their horizons, or black tea lovers trying an unusual origin.

Serving size
This tea is sold in 40g pouches.

Brewing instructions
Western method: Use 3g per 200ml in 95°C water. Brew for 2 minutes. Re-infuse to taste.
Gong fu method: Use 5g per 100ml in 95°C water. Brew for 10 seconds. Add 5 seconds to each subsequent infusion.