Yunnan Gold

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Place of Origin
Fengqing, Yunnan Province, China

Month and Year of Picking
April 2016

Tasting Notes
A full, ripe flavour, complemented by delicious hints of cocoa

Sourcing Notes
This aromatic favourite is known in China as Dian Hong. Often used in gourmet tea blends, it’s a relatively high end black tea, which distinguishes itself from other Chinese black teas by consisting largely of fine leaf buds. Despite brewing to a rich russet colour, its these downy golden buds which are this tea’s namesake. 

Unique in China for its incredible ecological diversity, the mountainous province of Yunnan is the birthplace of tea. Bordered by the Himalayas, people have been cultivating tea here on Yunnan’s misty green slopes for the last two millennia, and it is still one of China’s most vital tea growing regions. 

Unlike most Dian Hong teas, our Yunnan Gold is grown in Fengqing county, at a slightly lower altitude that lends it a deliciously ripe and naturally sweet flavour, matched by hints of cocoa. Black tea in Yunnan is, relatively speaking, a novelty, and when Yunnan first began producing black tea in 1939, two famous tea makers set out to find a place that would make a great production base for black tea. Fengqing, in Southwestern Yunnan proved to be the ideal spot for their operation. Here they found perfect weather conditions, rich soil, and a diverse bounty of naturally growing tea plants, some of them incredibly old. The oldest still stands today; a two-metre-thick behemoth that is estimated to be over three thousand years old.