Gushu Black

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Place of Origin
Bulang Mountains, Yunnan Province, China

Month and Year of Picking
May 2017

Tasting Notes
Soft earthiness of young puerh set against the sweeter notes of yunnan black

Sourcing Notes
Yunnan's Bulang Mountains are home to very old tea trees, and one of the top destinations for puerh tea. The term 'gushu' simply means 'ancient tree'. The general rule is that the older the tree, the more time it had to absorb the minerals and nutrients from the soil, and the longer it interacted with the local water and air. And the longer the tree's environmental memory, the greater the depth of flavour in the tea leaves. 

The relative scarcity of ancient trees drives the high prices of certain puerh teas, but there are other teas coming out of the area, at more accessible prices. Our gushu tea has followed the black tea production process, but its terroir has left a lasting imprint: the brewed tea combines the traits of a yunnan black and a sheng pu-erh. This is the reason we adore this tea - after all, age is just a number.