Marutama Teapot (Red)

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£ 139.00

Place of Manufacture
Yamagata, Japan

Cast iron, enamel (inside coating), stainless steel strainer

0.4 litre or 1.1 litre

Tea suitability
This teapot can be used for any kind of tea

Sourcing Notes
The tradition of iron casting in Yamagata Prefecture of Japan traces its roots back for almost a thousand years. It was the soldiers of the army led by Minamoto Yoriyoshi, the then commander in chief of the powerful Minamoto clan, who discovered that the sand and soil of Yamagata were particularly suitable for making high quality iron.

Fast forward to 1977, Hisanori Masuda, a graduate of Musashino University of Art, comes to Yamagata to make his imprint on the rich craftsmanship heritage of the city. Through his Chushin Kobo design studio, he seeks to bring the grand iron casting tradition into contemporary context, combining the ancient beauty of Japanese iron objects, with the practicalities of the modern lifestyle. His timeless pieces win several accolades over the years, gaining recognition in practically every corner of the globe. 

The Marutama ('Round') Teapot is a result of combination of form and function from Hisanori. The teapot was produced from an iron mould, with an enamel finish inside, for the ease of cleaning. The removable stainless steel strainer inside gives the tea leaves sufficient space to open, while the heat retention benefits of iron allows the brewed tea to stay hot for longer. The exterior surface was finished with burnt acrylic paint, and this is where the beauty of this piece really comes to life, with different viewing angles giving a different impression of the colour. 

While there are many cheaper cast iron teapots in the market, it will be difficult to find a finer example of iron craftsmanship. All products of Chushin Kobo are hand made to order, and it may take up to six months to wait for one. Our stock is limited to one per size/ colour.