Obi-Ami Kyusu

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Place of Manufacture
Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Tokoname clay, stainless steel mesh


Tea suitability
This is an unglazed memory teapot, so should only be used for one kind of tea. Kyusu's are normally used for green tea. 

Sourcing Notes
Japanese teapots (referred to as kyusu) are renowned for their elegance and superb tea brewing capabilities. This model has a side handle, aiding with the balancing of the teapot, and adding showmanship to any tea ceremony. The tradition of making pottery in the town of Tokoname dates back to the twelfth century. 

The Obi-Ami variety refers to the steel mesh filter fitted all the way around the interior of the teapot. This ingenious approach gives the tea leaves sufficient space to unfurl, allowing them to release the flavour potential across numerous brews. The fine mesh keeps the leaves inside, as well as the larger tea particles.