Weaver Modern Gong Fu Set

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Place of Manufacture

Glass and copper

Gaiwan - 150ml
Cup - 300ml

Tea suitability
This set is suitable to all kinds of tea.

Sourcing notes
Our Weaver gong fu set was made in 2017 by an up and coming Taiwanese home ware company TOAST.  This collective of talented designers focuses on practicalities of the essential elements of design objects, with ideas coming from their observations of daily lives. TOAST designs are influenced by the quality of the user experience, without compromising on one important aspect of design: fun. 

The name “Weaver” comes from its pattern, which represents the classical eastern bamboo-weaving style. Its classical inspiration has produced a distinctly contemporary product - Weaver Gong Fu Set stands apart from just about any other piece of kit available for gong fu brewing. The sturdy double wall glass allows comfortable handling of boiling water temperatures. 

The set comprises of two pieces. The smaller cup serves as a brewing vessel. The ingenious copper lid allows heat retention during brewing, and doubles up as a tea strainer. This makes Weaver one of the best performing gong fu gaiwans we've user used - holding the lid in place when pouring allows the brewed tea to sift through the lid with limited risk of burnt fingers or unwanted leaves landing in your cup.

The larger cup is the serving vessel. Not too dissimilar to a whisky glass, it is quite possibly the most confident looking tea cup we've seen. Easily holding two infusions of the brewing vessel, its delicately curved shape helps with the sensory evaluation of the brewed tea. It will also fit the inner cup for storage or transportation. 

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