Himalayan Spring

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Place of Origin
Guranse Tea Plantation, Nepal

Month and Year of Picking
April 2016

Tasting Notes
A wonderful balance between delicate floral notes and sweet grape.

Sourcing Notes
These delectable Himalayan white tips stand out among white teas. With a delicate texture and complex aromatic profile, they also carry the darker, Darjeeling-like notes of a fine Himalayan tea. This tea is also a fantastic introduction to the Guranse tea garden, which, at an altitude of between 3,300 and 7,200 feet, is one of the highest tea gardens in the world. This altitude, along with perfectly humid weather conditions make the land ideally suited to growing high quality tea. The particular acidity of the soil that lies beneath the lush green hills of Eastern Nepal also plays a part, helping craft a fantastic tasting tea.

The tea is carefully hand plucked to avoid bruising, and only the most succulent buds and tips are chosen from select plants. This is all done by local people who have benefited from the great work that this particularly community minded farm has done in the area. Funding education for local children and providing care for the elderly, the estate emphasise that tea is a time for togetherness.

White tea often refers to young, or minimally processed tea, and this white tea is simply withered with cold Himalayan air before being dried. The end result is a collection of beautiful olive green shoots, generously scattered with silvery tips. In a brew, these leaves yield a very light tea that nonetheless delights the sense.

The farm is named for the Nepali national flower, the Rhododendron, the charm of which is ubiquitous across the 2,000 hectares of scenic estate where this tea grows.