About Us

Tea in the City was born on the belief that tea can be done better. Having travelled to several tea growing countries, I realised there was a substantial gap between the quality of tea available at source, and the one supplied by tea companies in the UK. The wealth of the sensory experience, the sophistication, the excitement of discovery have given way to conforming to the popular perception of what a ‘proper cuppa’ should be, making tea a popular beverage of lowered expectations. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Through Tea in the City I offer exclusive access to the world’s most interesting loose leaf teas,sourced personally by me from tea gardens around the world. I am a true believer in an authentic tea experience; in a flavour that comes naturally through tea’s terroir, ie location, climate, altitude, soil, as well as the skill of the grower. The key focus of Tea in the City is on the purity of flavour, without any ‘noise’ of fruit and herbal additives used by others in blends. Every tea we sell is the tastiest that we managed to find, in its class.

The quality journey does not end there however. I want to make Tea in the City the best in class in loose leaf care. The choice of packaging ensures our teas stay the freshest the longest; something many tea companies often fail at. Our teaware was selected to make the tea experience as gratifying as possible, using contemporary and innovative designs with loose leaf tea brewing in their heart. Great tea can be inspiring, and inspired people go on to achieve grand things. Let Tea in the City be your tea company of choice.   

Thomas // Founder

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