About Us

The seeds of Tea in the City can be traced back to one tasting experience of our founder Thomas in China many years ago. That cup of tea opened a whole world of possibility, and he soon decided to advance his tea knowledge by learning from the people who actually make the tea: tea masters, tea farmers and tea producers in many countries around the world. His subsequent trips took him to many corners of China, Taiwan, Nepal, Georgia, Russia and Persia, all with an objective of understanding the tea plant and the amazing drink made from it. Sometime in the process, he realised that he had access the most spectacular teas ever produced. And so Tea in the City was born.

The mission of Tea in the City is to promote an authentic tea experience, through our company, as well as our trade partners. We focus on loose leaf in its pure form, allowing you to enjoy the natural flavours of tea achieved solely through the tea’s terroir, ie location, climate, altitude, soil, as well as the skill of the grower. We also want you to experience the luxury of a well-made cup of tea, by offering a carefully curated range of artisan teaware, with loose leaf tea brewing at their heart. Great tea can be inspiring, and inspired people go on to achieve grand things. Whether you are at the beginning, or well into your tea journey, let Tea in the City be your tea company of choice.  

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Tea in the City is a Company registered in England & Wales, Companies House registration number 09809723.