Responsibility policy

Tea in the City believe in acting responsibly in the course of our activities. We explain our approach to the environmental, organic and ethical considerations of running a tea business. 

We are aware of the environmental impact of a tea company and strive to minimise the environmental costs of our business activity. We focus on the little things, as we believe that little things can make a big difference over time. 

All our teas are sold loose by default, and not in tea bags. In the UK alone there are 160 million teabags drunk and discarded every single day for no good reason. We decided not to add to this amount of waste.

Our tea tins are made of premium material, which will hopefully make you more likely to reuse them. Each tea sold in tins also has a corresponding re-fill pouch, meaning you only need to purchase the tin once.

The tin labels adhesive is non-permanent, which means you can easily peel our label off; we honestly don't mind. We thought you should have this option in case you want to use the tins for any other storage purpose.

We pack our teas in a way that minimises dead space in the shipping box. We currently utilise seven different box sizes, with a view to use as little box filler as possible.

All materials used for shipping are either recyclable or biodegradable. We also appreciate that merely recyclable is no longer good enough, and hope to improve on that in the future.

We are strong proponents of the natural approach to tea cultivation, and expect the same from our growers. However, most of them do not follow the guidelines that will allow them to become organic certified, which means they cannot be marketed as organic. We plan to introduce a small range of organic certified products in the future.

We believe that tea is a source of inspiration, and that this inspiration should flow through the supply chain uninterrupted. This means that everyone involved in our tea supply should be treated fairly, and with due regard to their economic wellbeing.

We do not compete on price. While the wholesale markets can command a price as low as a couple of dollars per kilogram of tea, we don't believe such prices can support farmers. We normally pay 20, 50 or 100 times more than large tea companies pay for their tea, allowing tea to be an economically viable crop.

We place no reliance on ethical certifications. Instead, we meet our growers and visit their farms, learning about their working practices. The mutual trust takes years to build, and appreciate that we are often at the beginning of that journey. We will terminate any relationship as soon as there are is any indication of wrongdoing.

Should you have any questions regarding our Responsibility policy please write to us at info[at]teainthecity[dot]com