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Serve our teas

Are you a restaurateur or a cafe owner wishing to raise your tea game? Did you know that it is our mission to create a compelling loose leaf tea experience?

If you are still serving teabags, not going beyond the standard English breakfast and Earl Grey, or getting your tea from a coffee company, then you may be undermining all the hard work you have put in for the rest of the menu.

In the UK, we are currently a few years behind United States in the quality of the tea service. If you don’t believe us, read the article. It is our mission to bridge that gap.

We can work together to select the best teas for your menu or customer. Perhaps you read our recent journal on food pairing for inspiration.

We can also review your current tea serving process, and recommend one of the several ways to serve loose leaf tea, best suited to the nature of your business.

Finally, we can train your staff on how to get the most out of loose leaf teas, and if you order our teas we can do it completely free of charge.

Please drop us a note on sales[at]teainthecity[dot]com to start the discussion.