Andean Black

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Place of Origin
La Cumbre, Columbia

Tasting Notes
A strong, but malty and subtly sweet brew, it makes a fantastic breakfast tea.

Sourcing Notes
Andean Black tea comes from Columbia’s only tea garden, located between 1800 and 2500m above sea level on the Western slopes of the Andes. The tea plants are grown in young, nutrient rich soil, in the midst of a fog forest. Along with delicious tea, the forest is also home to hundreds of species; fragile ecosystems which the company make great efforts to protect, through stringent sustainability standards and conservation. 

Their level of environmental care is admirable, but it’s also an investment, as the area’s unique microclimate, along with its cool, Pacific sea breezes are responsible for the distinct flavour of this malty and aromatic black tea. The liquor brews to a strong copper red, and the taste and aroma are strong, but with little astringency, and a subtle sweetness reminiscent of ripe sugar cane. 

The eclectic mix of tea varieties used on the farm also helps keep the taste dynamic. A combination of Sinensis, Assamia, and Cambodian plants make for a natural blend in each harvest and a complex tea with separate distinct notes. The leaves are picked by hand, in the classic arrangement of two top leaves and one bud, and the people who do the picking also benefit from the company’s interest in sustainability. The Agricola Himalaya Foundation has done great things for a remote community typically neglected by government investment. 

An excellent proof that fantastic tea can come from the most unexpected places.