Andean Cacao

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Place of Origin
La Cumbre, Columbia

Black tea, cacao nibs, cocoa husks

Sourcing Notes
This flavoursome blend compliments the subtle sweetness of Colombian black tea with a pleasant bitterness from locally grown cacao. While tea is a relatively recent introduction to the continent, the cacao tree has been part of human culture in South America for over 2,000 years. A pairing rich in both history and pitch perfect in the combination of flavours, it is unlike most blended teas you will have tried.

The cacao used for this blend is grown on the pacific coast of South Western Colombia, in an area renowned for its production of a particular varietal of cacao tree. This varietal is responsible for some of the finest and most aromatic cacao in the world and is much in demand for the production of extra fine chocolate in Europe. It’s the same popular properties which make the cacao husks and nibs in this blend so robust and aromatic.

The tea plantation is located at high altitude in a fog forest, and it’s this unique microclimate which makes for such a wonderfully malty black tea. The cacao pairs well with this fruity, malt background, while the base is smoothed out by deliciously husky chocolate notes.