Georgian Green

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Place of Origin
Ozurgeti, Georgia

Month and Year of Picking
May 2016

Tasting Notes
Fantastically fruity with a distinct apricot aroma

Sourcing Notes
This green tea hails from one of the most northerly tea growing regions in the world. The subtropical climate of Western Georgia is perfectly suited to growing high quality teas, but the gentle slopes of Davit Tenieshvili’s tea farm are also distinguished by cold winters and cool nights. While low temperatures might limit the size of harvests, they also help control pests and keep disease at bay, meaning that Davit’s tea is grown naturally, without the need for harmful pesticides. A marked fluctuation in temperature between day and night also makes for tender, aromatic buds, which grow more slowly than their counterparts in warmer regions, creating a wonderfully distinctive flavour. 

Davit employs an interesting mixture of ancient methods and innovative technologies to create a precision tuned and subtly flavoursome green tea. His twisting and drying machines are homemade and manufactured entirely from wood, meaning that the tea is never tainted by the touch of metal. Georgian green is also steamed using Japanese methods, fixing the tea with a relatively dark colour that brews to a rich yellow. With a distinctive apricot aroma and fruity flavour it is surprisingly free from the bitterness which characterizes some Japanese steamed teas. 

The tea plants themselves are between 75 and 80 years old, rescued by Davit from the neglect that characterized Georgian tea farming during the political turmoil of the 90s. Nowadays, Georgian tea faces a renaissance; of which our green tea is a fantastic example.