Imono Kettle

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Place of Manufacture
Yamagata, Japan

Cast iron (body), plywood (handle)


Heat source suitability
Gas fire, electric hob

Sourcing Notes
The tradition of iron casting in Yamagata Prefecture of Japan traces its roots back for almost a thousand years. It was the soldiers of the army led by Minamoto Yoriyoshi, the then commander in chief of the powerful Minamoto clan, who discovered that the sand and soil of Yamagata were particularly suitable for making high quality iron.

Fast forward to 1977, Hisanori Masuda, a graduate of Musashino University of Art, comes to Yamagata to make his imprint on the rich craftsmanship heritage of the city. Through his Chushin Kobo design studio, he seeks to bring the grand iron casting tradition into contemporary context, combining the ancient beauty of Japanese iron objects, with the practicalities of the modern lifestyle. His timeless pieces win several accolades over the years, gaining recognition in practically every corner of the globe. 

The Imono Kettle represents a modern take on a traditional Japanese tetsubin. The purpose of this Japanese kettle is exclusively the boiling of the water for tea, rather than tea brewing. Unlike tea brewing vessels, the inside of the kettle is uncoated, meaning that the water is in direct contact with the kettle's iron core. This interaction alters the properties of the water, including the taste, giving the resulting brew a pleasant sweet taste. 

All Hisanori Masuda kettles are made to order and our stock is limited to one per model.