Krasnodar Green

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Place of Origin
Khosta Tea Plantation, Sochi, Russia

Month and Year of Picking
May 2016

Tasting Notes
Grassy fresh with hints of delicious fruitiness

Sourcing Notes
Like our Krasnodar Black, this delicate green tea is grown on the cool slopes of the picturesque Caucasus mountains. Nestled in the mountains and parallel to the Black Sea, the subtropical climate of Khosta tea garden is fantastically suited to growing tea, something it has done with great success since 1947.

Winters in the Caucasus are still very much Russian in nature, but the snows help naturally keep pests under control, and the cold temperatures agree with the hardy Kholkida cultivar from which this tea is grown. Brought to Russia by a man called Judas Koshman in 1901, the large leaves of the Kholkhida are frost-resistant, yet wonderfully aromatic and perfectly suited to this delicate green tea.

While Russians are more partial to black tea, green tea is gaining in popularity, and this fresh tasting tea from Khosta is a fantastic example of what Russian tea has to offer. Picked in the Spring, the leaves are fresh tasting, and free of the overly grassy, or bitter taste that can sometimes ruin a good green tea.

This tea is a lucky find for those in pursuit of a delicate green tea from a more unusual location.