Rou Gui Oolong

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Place of Origin
Wuyi Mountains, Fujian Province, China

Month and Year of Picking
May 2017

Tasting Notes
A classic Wuyi oolong with a pleasant spicy aroma and warm sugar and cinnamon notes that balance the classic mineral flavour common to all good Wuyi rock teas. 

Sourcing Notes
Among Rou Gui's tasting notes is a characteristic cinnamon aroma that actually gives Rou Gui its name, which means “cinnamon tree” in Chinese. Its unique flavour and distinctive name means that Rou Gui stands apart from other rock oolongs. It is also the latest addition to the “famous four” tea bushes of the Wuyi mountains in Fujian, China. However, owing to its growing popularity and typical mineral character, Rou Gui is often mentioned in the same breath as ancient classics of the region like Da Hong Pao.

With its warmth and cinnamon spiced aroma, Rou Gui oolong makes a great tea for cooler days. It's also a good tea for food pairing and a surprisingly versatile example of the Wuyi oolongs.

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Serving size
This tea is sold in 30g pouches.

Brewing instructions
Western method: Use 3g per 200ml in 95°C water. Brew for 2 minutes. Re-infuse to taste.
Gong fu method: Use 5g per 100ml in 95°C water. Brew for 10 seconds. Add 5 seconds to each subsequent infusion.