WuYi Black

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Place of Origin
WuYi, Fujian province, China

Month and Year of Picking
April 2016

Tasting Notes
An unusual combination of heady floral notes and Turkish delight sweetness.

Sourcing Notes
This characteristic black tea hails from the Wuyi mountains, also home to the famous rock oolongs of Fujian province. Teas from this area, in which the lush vegetation of sub-tropical forests hugs cliffs and rocky river banks, are known for their distinctive ‘rock charm’. Wuyi Black is a little different; blessed by the mineral tang of the region’s volcanic rock, it is also distinctive in taste, flirting with heady floral notes and a fragrant sweetness. 

The cultivar responsible for this deliciously interesting tea is a relatively new hybrid developed by the Wuyi Tea Research Institute. Discovered within the last decade, it was named Jin Mu Dan, or Golden Peony. Because of its strong aromatic qualities, the cultivar was originally intended as a rock oolong, and the majority of the crop is still sold as such. But the Jin Mu Dan tea in Wuyi Black received a higher calling, and has been further oxidised to create a light bodied but deliciously fragrant black tea instead. 

Brewing to a vivid brassy red, this light textured tea is an atypical, but nonetheless delightful example of the fantastic teas the Wuyi mountains have to offer.